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ISES Capital Awards Gala
It was our honor and privilege to be awarded the opportunity to conduct the musical cd
Singvitation to this year’s gala.

Our special thanks to Kathy Taylor, Kelley Freeman, Cynthia McDowell, Anne Booke and all on the planning committee.

Read more about Singvitations, and
the ISES Gala at the Strathmore.
  Unique, Elegant, Versatile and Easy

With years of experience as professional vocalists, lyricists and songwriters, we have composed an innovative concept...


We believe that every occasion should be as unique as the individuals who plan them. You can create perfect harmony and a keepsake, by allowing us to combine your customized invitation with a song.

There are many details involved in planning a successful event; time, patience, originality, and lots of creativity. But don’t forget...


"It all begins with the Invitation."

When you choose to let Singvitations™  set the tone, this is how easy it can be...


1. Meet with your Singvitations™ representative.

2. Discuss your Singvitation details which include:

  • familiarizing us with the theme of your event
  • choosing a song from the SingvitationsTM songlist that best represents your event
3. Leave the rest to us.  
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