Birthday Party Singvitation Details
            "40 & Wild" Singvitation
            2 Panel Jewel Case Insert


Known for throwing some of the
most memorable parties,
Marni searched for a unique way
to jumpstart her husband’s 40th
birthday beginning with
the invitation.

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4 Color Silk Screened CD Face


40 & WILD

You're ready for a party
Howard's turning 40
November 5th is coming
So we hope you come our way

There's only one way to make it happen
If you're not there it won't be the same
8 o'clock is when the doors will open
So call us just to say

That you'll come celebrate
And you'll stay 'til it gets late
So Howard don't cry
'Cause this milestone is high

40 & WILD
40 & WILD



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Birthday Party Details
Jewel Case Tray / Spine

Her chosen song without hesitation
was Born To Be Wild. We received a photograph of Howard, and the rest
was left to us!



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